Anonymous: heyy you are soo gorgeous!! are you part asian or latino?? haha and can you post your daily/nighttime makeup routine please?? Also, I'm asian and I'm kinda pale. should i use the normal st tropez mousse or the dark one??

Aw thanks babe! I’m super mixed haha, but yes I am part asian! I would probably use the normal one, I actually prefer the normal one opposed to the dark now. It’s waaaay more natural! Yeah sure. I’ll post it sometime this weekend xoxo

i love my followers!

seriously, you turn a bad day into a better day. thanks for all your positive words ladies! xo

Anonymous: Do you have instagram?

I do, but I don’t share it on Tumblr. Sorry xo

Anonymous: whats your age limit for an sd?

Probably like early 50’s

Anonymous: how did you reply to tour when he asked for his money back?

I just told him that I was not giving him his money back, we had an arrangement and he backed out. No refunds. He took it pretty well.

Anonymous: is 24 too old to be a sugar baby?? :(

Not at all! xo

Want. Won’t settle for less.
lazy sundays

Anonymous: What was the song you had up on here before? It was a remix of some rap song I think I can't remember but I was so obsessed with it!!

Ahhhh! I wish I could help but I’m really not sure. Was it a cover? Girl or guy singing? Let me know and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out!


Ocean and I have been going out together a lot more, trying to pick up where we left off. We always got along so well and it was a bit of an awkward falling out. I have a little more time available since Versace extended his family visit and I am slowing down with school.

Something I really admire about Ocean is his young heart. Yesterday he picked me up in his car, he told me I have to cancel all my plans (although the only plans I had were to lay on my couch, eat Ben & Jerrys and watch Netflix) and that we were going to have a day of spontaneous fun. We drove to the beach, went out on his boat, visited his friends new restaurant and got a secluded nook to ourselves for a late lunch. We went and looked at cars, as I am planning on selling my current vehicle for something newer. Later in the evening he took me to a private wine tasting - MY GOD, was the cheese ever good. Oven baked brie cheese with apricot jelly, fresh pesto on a slice of Italian bread, MMM. The wine was alright too.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. My birthday is coming up in May and he said he has an early birthday surprise for me, for all that I do. I literally feel guilty because I already receive such a lucrative, generous amount of money from him and I couldn’t ask for anything else. 

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding how I achieve my allowance and I seriously think it comes down to having a genuine heart and actually caring about your SD. I know we all joke about things like “If you don’t have money, I’m not into you” okay.. maybe we’re not really joking BUT a SD is still a person with feelings not just a human bank machine. If you invest time and effort in getting to know your sugar daddy and do little things that make them feel special, I truly believe you will be rewarded more often. This is just from my experience. This is also why I constantly stress to find a SD you can tolerate because you won’t be able to force feelings for somebody you cannot stand. You feel me?