Q: You've got a gorgeous complexion aha just saying ;) Stunning!

Thank you! :) xo

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Q: yay! you're backkk!!


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Versace: I have not talked with Versace in a little over a month now. He went completely out of character and freaked out on me for no apparent reason. I honestly have no idea what made him go from pretty much wanting to get married (which I was extremely stand-offish about) to basically hating me. I haven’t been on for awhile because it was hard for me to let go of such a good guy that I really was developing feelings for. I never really saw myself getting married to anyone but I actually could consider it with him. He’s young, hilarious, sexy, kind and rich! I guess it was probably silly of me to think that he didn’t have any flaws. I actually suspect he may be drinking again, which is sad. But I have a life to live and bills to pay so I will have to scout out a new SD #gruelling

Ocean: This man is too sweet. We had a rough patch awhile ago when he found out I had another SD, Versace, and he got pretty jealous so we didn’t talk for awhile, but now that were back on it’s been better than ever. I actually get so excited to spend time with him, it doesn’t feel like some sort of chore, I sincerely like to spend time with him. He felt bad that Versace abruptley left my life so he increased my monthly allowance to 7k. We usually see each other 2 times per week.

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, little trips here and there. I went to Dubai for a couple weeks and I also visited my friends in London. Lately, I have been drowning myself back into the sugar feed on Tumblr so I can obtain the motivation to get my game back and replace Versace! I missed you all XO

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