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What is a Sugar Baby?

"There are many, many factors that go into the definition of a sugar baby, but to strip it down to it’s most loose, basic terms - A sugar baby is a woman who agrees to be in a relationship with a man in exchange for money/gifts."

Common Sugar Baby Abbreviations:
SD - Sugar Daddy
SB - Sugar Baby
POT - Potential Sugar Daddy

Common sites used to search for a Sugar Daddy:
Seeking Arrangement (SA)
Sugar Daddy for Me (SD4M)
Sugar Daddie
Ashley Madison (AM)

*Tip: Don’t wait for messages to come your way. Message SD’s yourself. This increases your chances.

Profile Tips:

- Unfiltered/Edited photos. 
Preferably no duck faces, your photos send a message.

- Headline.
Reel ‘em in with something catchy. This is essentially a preview of you.

- Hobbies/Interest
Gives them something to connect with.

- Try not to write a novel. Say less with more.
- Grammar Check/Spell Check. Use them!
- Keep it positive.

Researching your Sugar Daddy:
Google. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name - Try and find a Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Images - Save a photo and upload it to Google Images to find their photos on any other site the picture is affiliated with.

Spokeo. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name

Further screening:

*Tip: Research is not something to slack on. I spend a lot of time doing this, searching for any red flags.

Informative Tumblr Hashtags:
#sugar advice
#sugar tips
#sb tips

*Note: Each Sugar Baby has had different experiences therefore he/she may provide different advice. This is my advice from personal experience in the sugar bowl and what I found most helpful upon starting out.


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Sugar Daddies want to wife me up, I’m just like…
SO cute.

Anonymous said: I seriously like look up to you lol you are so gorgeous! Please update more :-*

Thank you so much!! xo

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Went on a huge haul at Sephora. I finally decided to shift away from St. Tropez self-tanning mouse and try Vita Liberata! So excited.

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