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Anonymous said: hey! you're so beautiful and i aspire to be a successful sugar baby like you one day. Buy i have a very serious question! how do i manage my money? i have bought a safe to keep half of my cash savings. I love online shopping so much, but how do i do it? if i put all the cash on a card the government will become suspicious and take it away. i want to go online shopping but you cant do that with cash! only card

I manage in cash, it’s pretty much untraceable. I use cash for everything. If you lose things easily then I wouldn’t recommend carrying around a lot of cash at once. Also, pre-paid cards for online shopping! Also pretty much untraceable. xo

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Anonymous said: Your body is so on point!! I struggle with healthy snacks throughout the day, suggestions? Thanks

Hi! Thank you :) Hm, I am such a snack person I could name a million. Here are my top ten:

1) Frozen Grapes
2) Lentil Chips
4) Popcorn (air popped)
5) Carrots + Hummus
6) Apple + Almonds
7) Rice Cake + Natural Almond or Peanut Butter
8) Homemade Sweet Potato Chips (tons of recipes on google)
9) Greek Yogurt + Granola (not an excessive amount of granola)
10) No Bake Energy Bites (homemade, google it!)


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