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no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful 

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Anonymous said: There are so many things wrong with that post. 1. All those girls: Cuntsugar, shahada, and blondedevilbaby are all contributing to the destruction of society. They are prostitutes and degrading to all women. 2. As a woman (I assume) YOU should not be encouraging these whores. They are nothing but gold digging sluts who think so highly of themselves. You should honestly be fucking embarrassed for making these women your role models.


Okay, woah. First of all, these girls are NOT contributing to the “destruction of society” in any way. Do you have any proof? The way I see it, they are not murdering, raping, or even hurting anyone.

I usually would ignore messages like these but it seems like you’re pretty persistent, so I will put your questions to an end. And you should also stop with the nicknames. They were annoying the first time around.

1. couturesugar: I recently just began following her, but have you seen her? She is absolutely gorgeous and it inspires me to take care of myself. I have always been a lazier person to just lounge around and not care too much about how I presented myself to the world, and seeing her beauty really inspires me. Not to mention it takes a lot of fucking work to look that good. From your post, I can tell you are a bitter person… probably because you’re not confident in your skin and don’t feel good about yourself. You should turn that negative energy into improving yourself :)

2. shah-zadi: I’ve obviously never met her (or any of these girls for that matter), but she seems like such a cute bundle of joy! I admire her because she suffers from borderline personality disorder (Yes, these women DO have their own problems to deal with and they don’t need your ignorant criticism) and I also suffer from anxiety, severe depression, and BPD, as well. She has a boyfriend and she manages to not become the clingy girlfriend all guys dislike. She is comfortable with herself and it really pays off. Not to mention she seems super gorgeous and is able to take pictures of herself in hoodies and still look good! Like, damn! Not many people can do that. I certainly can’t. All of her posts are fun and I bet that she’d be even more of a joy in person!

3. blondeangelbaby: She is the reason why I want to go into the sugar world in the first place. I found her Tumblr randomly and I was hooked! I read all of her posts, and I’ve noticed that she managed to become EXTREMELY successful in a very short amount of time. She is always willing to give pages and pages of advice to people. She seems very level headed and intelligent, which is a necessity with this lifestyle. She is confident and beautiful, obviously. Also, she has an immense amount of energy. She works, has a child, a personal life, a boyfriend (?), goes to school, and is a sugar baby to multiple men. How do you do that? I get winded from ONE day at school. Not to mention that her philosophy in the sugar world is to “become the girl” an SD wants, and for that, you need to have lots of energy, determination, and intelligence. She does what she does for her daughter. 

So please. Tell me again how these girls are destroying society?

I love you. #youreagem

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Anonymous said: Thank you so much for your tips! You are awesome :-* I did want to ask however if you have ever used the website established men? & if you know if it’s any good? xo

You’re welcome & Thank you! XO  Uuuuh, I think I may have signed up once upon a time but I have no recollection. Anyone else? Establish Men, is it any good?

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